Why use Triple R?

Guaranteed clean oil
Triple R guarantees an oil cleanliness of NAS 7 - ISO 16/14/11, or better.
Eliminates water
Triple R filter elements absorb water and moisture.
Triple R elements absorb oxidation residues
Triple R filters remove varnish and tar - the cause
of sticking valves.

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In industry, saving resources, while cutting costs, is paramount. We are proud of our contribution: continually developing advanced filtration and separation technology to do just that. Today industry requires solutions for lean manufacturing, lean production and sustainability. That is why all our products are aimed to provide solutions that reflect the essentials: to Reduce, to Reuse and to Recycle.

Our brand says it all - Triple R.

Triple R therefore delivers a wide variety of “bypass” and “off-line” oil and fluid filtration systems, ensuring clean oil no matter if the system contains 5 liters or 100.000 liters. And Triple R oil cleaners handle solid contamination issues as well as water contamination and oil degradation by-products (resins, sludge, varnish, tars).

The difference between Triple R and other filter manufacturers is our focus on offering a solution that guarantees a measurable result. We do not sell “micron ratings” but the guarantee of a perfectly clean fluid.

Our product range consists of:

  1. Fine filters for industrial applications: BU-, SE-, SS-, OSCA-series
  2. Fine filters for engine oil and lube systems: TR-series
  3. High dirt load removal: Centrifuges, Magnets and Backwashing filters
  4. Water removal: WE100 filter element (see element series), WS-series, Vacuum dehydrators
  5. Oil removal: OS-series
Product overview
Filter elements
Triple R filter elements remove particles down to 2μ, water and oxidation residues.

Filter elements

Coalescent water separators for removing free water mixed to oil.


The OS-series separates oil from aquous fluids.

Magnet Conveyor TRAP-series
Removes grinding powder and binding agent from the cutting fluid.

Bypass oil cleaners that connect directly to the high pressure line.


Vacuum dehydrator
Highly efficient vacuum purifier for removing emulsified water, free water and air/gasses.

Vacuum dehydrator

Backwashing filters
Self-cleaning filter systems for oil and water based fluids.

Backwashing filters

Magnet Separator-series
Fine contaminants mixed in fluid cohere and settle while flowing through our unique active magnetic field.

Off-line bypass oil cleaners for systems up to 3.600 liter tank capacity.


3000 RPM centrifuges remove solids down to 5 micron. Manual or full automatic.

Combination of Oil cleaner and centrifuge

The perfect bypass filter for engines. Extends engine oil life up to 150.000 km.

A range of mobile service rigs, and off-line filtration for large tank volumes up to 50.000 lit.


For an efficient and continuous air bubble removal.


TRCS removes large foreign sludge and a micro filter removes microscopic particles.

Steel housing program for high volume and high flow requirements.


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