Why use Triple R?

Guaranteed clean oil
Triple R guarantees an oil cleanliness of NAS 7 - ISO 16/14/11, or better.
Eliminates water
Triple R filter elements absorb water and moisture.
Triple R elements absorb oxidation residues
Triple R filters remove varnish and tar - the cause
of sticking valves.

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Triple R bypass oil cleaners handle the total oil contamination problem by

  1. Removing up to 99% of all solid contaminants ( NAS 5 or better ),
  2. Reducing the water concentration to less than 100 PPM, and
  3. Eliminating resins and oxidation products.
This cleaning efficiency results in a tremendous package of benefits.

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Return On Investment (R.O.I.)

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Total Oil Care: stop changing oil - start cleaning!



Do you want to increase your machine availability and production capacity?
Do you want to optimize your production charges?
Would you like to save up to 80% on your oil consumption, pumps, valves and other hydraulic components?


1. TOC is 50% cheaper than changing oil
2. TOC does not require extra investments
3. TOC increases machine reliability
4. TOC replaces oil changing
5. TOC increases production output
6. TOC serves our environment
7. TOC is reliable

Industry rides on an oil film of less than 10µ. This minimal oil film guarantees a perfect lubrication of your hydraulic machinery and gearboxes. Perfect lubrication however requires 100% clean oil. That's the theory because practice shows that more than 70% of all hydraulic machinery are highly contaminated (> NAS 9, > ISO 21/18/16).

The result: increased wear and tear, pump and valve failures, leakages everywhere, regular oil changes, machine standstill, but most of all ... production loss!

Effective oil management is hard to achieve. Changing the oil and the system filters from time to time is not a guarantee for clean oil.

Total Oil Care is a result driven service with a full commitment to guarantee perfectly clean oil.
Total Oil Care is discharging you from a difficult task and allows you concentrating again on your core activity for a full 100%.

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The large capacity oil cleaner!

The small size water remover!

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